FM Jan 20: WCCW / Black Political Education / Atheist Women

THIS WEEK with hosts Teka Lark Fleming & Lynn Harris Ballen :  we’ll conjure up “Future Feminisms” with our guests — Terry Wolverton, a Woman’s Building alumna, and the Women’s Center for Creative Work’s Sarah Williams and Kate Johnston. Our conversation will revolve around the past work of coalition building and political art within the Woman’s Building and the present day work of the Womens’ Center for Creative Work – continuing the work of making space for women in the arts.

THEN…We’re joined by Wendy Wata, Khellie Braxton, and Mary Senyonga of Black Political Education – a collective that works to help educate Black-identified people about the history of the Black political struggle and Black political theory. We’ll hear about the lead role women have taken in the fight for Black equality in the current day and how feminism plays a role in that struggle.

AND… Religion has often been a tool to oppress women in the US and abroad. We talk with Amy Davis Roth of the Los Angeles Women Atheist and Agnostic Group who is challenging not only religion in American daily life, but the often invisible role of women in the agnostic and atheist community.

At 3:00 on Tuesday, January 20 on Feminist Magazine, this is what feminism sounds like!


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