FM Feb 16: Visionary bell hooks – a special program!

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Lynn Harris Ballen and Christene Kings.

Join us for our Visionary bell hooks Special on Feminist Magazine. We want to turn you on — newbies and long-time supporters alike —to a world of political possibilities, enlightened witnessing –and action. bell hooks is the black feminist theorist and cultural critic who constantly re-defines the “f” word and interweaves the passionate politics of race, gender, class and culture. We’re devoting our entire program to her incomparable work and the transformative power of critical thinking. Featuring Feminism Is For Everybody, and Homegrown: Engaged Cultural Criticism – a surprising conversation with radical Chicana feminist artist Amalia Mesa-Bains. We’ll share classic radio interviews from our Pacifica Radio Archives, spanning 1991 – 2011, including conversations with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, insurgent Professor Cornell West; and from the bell hooks documentary Cultural Criticism & Transformation.

Listen in this Wednesday from 7-8 PM PST on KPFK 90.7 FM….And… if you give us a call at (818) 985-5735 while we’re on the air to pledge your support, you can take your pick from among these features as our thank you gift for letting us know that you care that “THIS is what feminism sounds like!”

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