Feb 9 on FM: Hollaback in SoCal, Pioneers in Pecos & Jasmine Mans dares hiphop Barbies

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Celina Alvarez.

It’s time to reclaim the streets and hollaback! Hollaback is an international movement to end street harassment and the Hollaback SoCal site has just launched. Gender studies Professor Shira Tarrant and SoCal founding team members Audrey Silvestre and Kerensa Cadenas join us – telling the stories and taking the power to create public spaces that feel safe for everyone.

Then Dorinda Millian – the first Mexican American Curator of the West of the Pecos Museum – joins us to share tales of her work in this small West Texas town to honor the lives and journeys of women who came from all walks of life. Recognizing the contributions of Mexican American Pioneer families there is a thriving project and Dorinda tells us how the roles/expectations of women have changed and what she does within the Museum project to honor women and their contributions to Pecos history.

And slam poet Jasmine Mans is getting people to listen! This Def Poetry and Brand New Voices veteran creates work that artistically documents the ills of her community, raise environmental awareness and hold up a mirror to artists and role models. Her latest piece “The Miss-Education of a Barbie” went viral online – daring Nicki Minaj to rap ‘as if women like Assata Shakur and Toni Morrison exist’.

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(left: Hollaback SoCal site; middle: West of the Pecos Museum; right: Jasmine Man)

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