Jan 19 on FM: SPEAK OUT! Drummers, Chicana activist mothers & LA Young Feminists

Hosted by: Lynn Harris Ballen, Celina Alvarez, and Christene Kings.

What’s important for young LA feminists to talk about? Hear from Young Feminists Speak Out: Los Angeles panelists: Morgane Richardson (founder, Refuse The Silence: Women of Color Speak Out), activist Myra Duran & moderator Miranda Petersen.

And… Chicana filmmaker Sylvia Morales talks to us about her film, A Crushing Love: Chicanas, Motherhood & Activism – where five activists – including Dolores Huerta & Cherrie Moraga – show what it takes to juggle the demands of being a single mother while working towards promoting social change.

And… Drumroll!!  get ready for Mindy Seegal Abovitz, editor of  Tom Tom Magazine (about female drummers) and hear all about their issue #5 release party…. coming up on the 27th in Los Angeles!

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(left: Young Feminists Speak Out; middle: Alicia Escalante/A Crushing Love; right: Tom Tom Magazine release party)

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  1. […] Listen to an interview with Tom Tom Magazine Editor, Mindy Abovitz, HERE […]

  2. admin says:

    “I moved to Los Angeles in August 2010 in complete and utter fear that I would lose the feminist community I had created in New York City. Some people find support and understanding through their families and friends – I find it within the feminist community.
    And so, upon landing I did what any social media savvy, 20-something feminist would do and Googled: Feminist Los Angeles, Feminism LA, Los Angeles Women’s group and the likes, only to find Feminist Magazine.

    For those of you who don’t know, Feminist Magazine is a remarkable radio show on KPFK that continuously manages to have relevant news relating to the feminist and activist community around the word (Myra, Miranda and I recently had the pleasure of speaking on the show this past Wednesday. More on that here.)”