Aug 4 on FM: News, De-troubling Teens, ‘Digging’, Femmes

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen

This Wednesday we’ll be Digging Up the Dirt with poetry and perversion featuring Chicana lesbian playwright, poet and essayist Cherrie Moraga and Xicana-Indigena lesbian multi-disciplinary artist Adelina Anthony. Their new play, telling two stories of murder, alternately satirical and tragic, holds audience members accountable for ouFeminist Magazine ← Visit siter own unacknowledged “murderous “ deeds of the heart.

We’ll do feminist news headlines. Teenagers from the Alcoholism Center for Women tell us how Prevention Programs help them deal with the challenges they face living in barrio Pico Union and how they’re learning to make positive new choices.

And we’ll hear about the new ‘Freedom’ mural at ACW and their experiences in creating it! Joining us in studio will be ACW Executive Director Lorette Herman and two of the inspired, and inspiring, young artists.

Christine de la Rosa & Jessica Humphrey from the upcoming Femme Conference in Oakland tell us about this community gathering for queer femmes… where activists, artists, and academics present workshops and skill shares on identity, sexuality, and politics. We’ll also explore the intersectional feminisms going into the planning .

(left: Femme Conference; middle: Alcoholism Center for Women mural; right: Digging Up the Dirt )080410

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