Aug 25 on FM: From Magazines to Documentaries-Shifting Paradigms

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Melissa Chiprin

We talk with Sheila Sampath – Editorial and Art Director of Shameless magazine – a fierce grassroots magazine for teens, published in Canada. A volunteer- run publication for smart strong young women and trans youth, Shameless is a winner of an Utne Independent Press Award and grounded in social justice and anti-oppression work, plus committed to intersectional feminism. But most of all it’s a fresh alternative to typical teen magazines that managed to reflect neglected diversity while still being full of hot topics, and everything from DIY guides to sports, music, tech, health & sexuality and more!

Joining us is Beverly Yuen Thompson the director of Covered, and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Siena College, and two of the women who so kindly share a part of their life in relation to tattoos, Sofia Estrella, formerly known as Ms. Deborah. Sofia has been a tattoo artist for nearly thirty years and owns her own shop in St. Augustine, Florida, Ms. Deborah’s Fountain of Youth. And, Kristen Wall, whose life revolves around family, friends, and school. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and wants to council teenage girls in the future. Film screening info below.

Later, we will have a conversation with film maker Kerri O’Kane, director of The Gits. This documentary is breathtaking, and soul searching. It is a celebration of Mia Zapata’s life and a comprehensive testament to the band’s greatness as a whole. The Gits is a historical document-on many levels, in part music, and in part a look into tragedy; the kind that happens daily to girls and women, the kind that should never happen, the kind that raped and murdered Mia Zapata. Kerri O’Kane, interweaves live interviews of family and friends with rare performance footage dating from the groups Antioch College days through their subsequent move to Seattle. We see the beauty, heart ache and strength of great music, friendship, family and the power that a community can have in bringing some sort of justice for those who have live to tell, and for those who have not- Mia Zapata would have been 45, born, August 25, 1965. Film screening info below.

(left: Shameless magazine; middle: Kristin Wall from Covered, the film; right: Mia Zapata of The Gits)082510

Film Festival screenings:
DOCUTAH, Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival, September 16-25, 2010, Showing: September 18, 10pm, Electric Theater & Tues, Sept 21 10pm

Hell’s Half-Mile Film & Music Festival, September 30-October 3, 2010

Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, October 12-16, 2010

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