Aug 18 on FM: On-Air “Party”

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen

We’re celebrating feminist radio and you –our listeners! Grab a drink- or your favorite coffee — and join our on-air party –with lots of current news tidbits, laughter, and thank YOU giveaways! We’ve brought you the voices of women making an individual difference, and stories about the transformative nature of collective action. Just in the last few months, you’ve heard voices ranging from iconic Xicana-Indigena playwright Cherrie Moraga to 12 year old Chelsea Baker who pitches a 70 mph fast ball. You’ve heard from females who HollaBack, to ReelGirls, from students who “Take Back the Night” to International Girl Gang Zines. We’ve brought you fabulous artists, musicians, activists, and authors. And taken a deep feminist look at issues you care about –from Haiti, Nepal, Afghanistan, and South Africa, to local homelessness, indigenous women’s rights and health care “reform” vs. “revolution”, plus girls who make movies and girls who rock. We’ve covered violence against women and other global feminist issues. And, from an inclusionary multi-feminisms perspective, isn’t everything a “feminist” issue?

(left: Donna Jo Thorndale ; middle: Neighbors right: Who Does She Think She Is)081810

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