July 21 on FM: Women’s Rights at Seneca Falls, ‘Opinionated’ Women & ReelGrrls

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Susan Kraker

July 19th is the anniversary of the 1848 first national Convention for Womens Rights! We celebrate with Louise Vance, director of the documentary film Seneca Falls, the story of nine high school girls who traveled to the anniversary celebrations to perform their play – about the intersection of the fight against slavery and for women’s equality. Visit Seneca Falls community

Plus we bet you’ve noticed how the op-ed voices we hear from in mainstream media are mostly white, mostly privileged and overwhelmingly (85%) male… Katie Orenstein, founder of the OpEd Project, tells us about changing the world one opinion at a time by training women to make bold, fair, persuasive arguments in the public sphere.

And the ReelGrrls step up with some media-making power! Film-making activists Lila Kitaeff and Monica Olsson report back from the recent Allied Media Conference in Detroit – where creativity meets community organizing.

(left: Seneca Falls; middle: OpEd Project; right: ReelGrrls )072110

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