April 7 on FM: ‘Wealth’ vs. $; Homophobia; ‘Blind Spots’

Hosted by Ariana ManovLynn Harris Ballen, and Celina Alvarez

Latoya Peterson from Racialicious gives us her take on why “wealth is a feminist issue”, how wealth –-differentiated from “money” –confers benefits that “mere income” doesn’t –and what to do about it. More info contact: revimonroe@earthlink.net

African American feminist theologian Reverend Irene Monroe explores the intersection between religion and homosexuality and how it’s being used to inform, and de-form, current political strategies –particularly in communities of color.

And ……is an evolved political consciousness and a warm puppy pile of people enough to save us from ourselves and our good intentions? Award-winning playwright Lisa Kron unearths some major contradictions and tries to help us see our own blind spots. Or is that oxymoronic? More info at Center Theatre Group

(left: Latoya Peterson; middle: Reverend Irene Monroe; right: The Wake)040710

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