Dec 2 on FM: Fat Lib, A New Way of Life & ‘Tree’

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen with Jojo Blondal

We’re flying in the face of the “obesity epidemic” alarmists and declaring: “Fat people, you have nothing to lose!” Professors Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay share the revolutionary politics and research behind fat liberation and define obesity as a socio-political disease, not a medical one. Just in time for the winter holidays and facing off with your relatives, this will give you some different food for thought. The Fat Studies Reader by Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay

And what does it take for a woman to extricate herself from the clutches of the criminal justice system. Susan Burton and Elizabeth Venable join us from A New Way of Life re-entry program — a grassroots, sober-living home for formerly incarcerated women battling life-long stigma.

Can we ever escape the imprint of our family secret histories? Isabel Story and Sloan Robinson bring us “Tree” –a complex and nuanced theatre piece spanning three generations divided by race, class, culture and memory. Find more info at (323) 461-3673

(left: Sondra Solovay and Esther Rothblum; middle: A New Way of Life re-entry program; right: “Tree” )

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