Oct 21 on FM: Smokejumpers, Pasadena Latinas & Women Building California

Hosted by Celina Alvarez and Lynn Harris Ballen

Things will heat up all over the airwaves as we hear the smokin’ story of Gerrit Craig, telling us about her unique career and experiences as a smokejumper – those highly-trained, experienced firefighters who parachute in to fight fires in rugged terrain.

And local author and community activist Roberta Martinez will share inspiring stories with us about the remarkable and often unknown contributions Latinas have made towards shaping history in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley area. Latino Heritage Blog

Then, Cal State Northridge Sociology professor Amy Denissen, and union apprentice electrician Jess Reynolds join us to talk about women working in the building trades. Pioneers on non-traditional employment paths – many of these women are committed to paving the way for others. We’ll discuss how they mentor each other, find support against discrimination and challenge traditional sex roles in the workplace.

(left: Smoke Jumper, Gerrit Craig; middle: Community Activist Roberta Martinez; right: TradesWomen.org)

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