FM Sept 13: College Football’s Rape Culture / Artista + Activista = Artivista!

9-13-collageComing up on Feminist Magazine this week, with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen and Kiyana Turner : … FIRST … Sexual assault on college campuses has been more visible recently, especially when it involves the football players on people’s favorite teams. And author Jessica Luther takes on the issues, and real solutions, in her new book “Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape“. Looking at the systemic framework – starting with gender, but using an intersectional lens that includes race, money, power, and labor.  We need a new playbook for how to deal with and change the system, and we’re joined by Jessica, with activist/journalist Katie Klabusich, in conversation about the politics of rape – in college sports & beyond.
… AND … What do you get when you combine Artists/Performers and Community Activism? We’re joined by iconic musician, author & punk feminist Alice Bag, hip-hop “gangsta goddess” Medusa, and Singer/Dancer/Choreographer Kara Mack. Just three of the performers in the upcoming Artista + Activista = Artivista! event at The Ford – an evening of music and art by exemplary women artivistas (artist/activists.) Hear from them about how their work focuses on stories of resistance, empowerment, equality and social justice… inspiring positive social change in their communities.

All this on Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 3. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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