FM April 3: #MeToo BlackGirls /’This Way Out’ /Native Wellness


THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with co-hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Kiyana WilliamsFIRST: Whose voices aren’t getting heard in the #MeToo movement? Cherise Charleswell talks to Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson founder of the Women’s Leadership Project, a feminist of color high school mentoring program, and filmmaker/poet Ashunda Norris. Dorsey High students Tayah Hubbard, Shania Malone, Ciara Steadman, Ahneva Rivas, & Alexus Speight join the conversation to talk about #MeToo in Our Schools: Hearing Black Girls in the Sexual Abuse Backlash. We talk about the sociocultural perceptions of Black girls and their negative consequences, as well as the roots of the of the #MeToo movement, and how Black girls and women have been left out of the current conversation, despite the fact that a Black woman, Tarana Burke, initiated the movement.
THEN: This Way Out – the international LGBT Radio Magazine – is celebrating 30 years of community and public broadcasting this week! The weekly half hour program is broadcast on over 200 radio stations and outlets around the world. And we’re joined by Lucia Chapelle, one of the founding producers and a longtime KPFK veteran with a lot of stories to tell.
AND: What does it take to get “well”? When we think about wellness we tend to think of it as everything we do to make our lives and bodies healthy. But so much of how we think about wellness and ‘watching what we eat’ is wrapped up in culture, history and larger systemic questions. Soleil Ho of Bitch Magazine’s Popaganda, talks to Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, assistant professor of American Studies at Brown University, about the ways in which Native American communities have fought for control over their food supply, and projects that are decolonizing food and culture.

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