FM March 6: ‘Madres’ of Argentina / WNBA Activism / ‘Eres Poderosa’


THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with co-hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Kiyana WilliamsFIRST … In a time of resistance what will you do? In Buenos Aires, Argentina – during the “Dirty War” waged by the military Junta against its own people – people disappeared off the streets but no-one talked about it. THE MADRES is one family’s story, inspired by The Mothers of Los Desaparecidos de Argentina, about how three generations of women in a single family faced state terrorism. Playwright Stephanie Alison Walker and actress Arianna Ortiz join us in studio – to talk about this world premiere play opening at Skylight Theatre, and how this story can teach us all how to fight tyranny.
THEN … “Eres Poderosa” is an art exhibit highlighting womxn/womxn identified artists and their works of art. This is Vol.3 – the third year of this International Women’s Day celebration at Espacio 1839. An exhibit dedicated to the inspiration, resilience, encouragement, and celebration of womxn around the world! We hear from co-curator Kimberly Miranda about the artists, performers and DJs starring in this event.
AND … All of the work, None of the credit? Players in the WNBA are taking a knee and speaking out but we’re not hearing about it. Cherise Charleswell talks to award-winning writer Britini de la Cretaz, who writes on the intersections of sports, women, and culture. We hear about her recent writing about the WNBA – which focuses on how the activism of women athletes is overshadowed, and the imbalance in coverage and acclaim vs their male counterparts in the sport.

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