FM Nov 27: Girl Journalists/ Black Feminists/ Public Policy

This week on Feminist Magazine with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Kiyana Williams : “You’ve got a voice, kid. Use it!” That’s the inspiring challenge from the folks at Connectopod – a youth journalist program for kids in LA. Using podcasts as a vehicle, the Connectopod team develops youth leaders – understanding that every story has multiple points of view, and that we are all connected. We’re joined in the studio by co-founders Betsy Foldes Meiman & Andrea Longoria Lopez. And we’re lucky to also hear from four of these amazing girl journalists – Victoria Benitez, Angelica Benitez, Daniela Catalan and Cuicani Lopez.
PLUSCherise Charleswell talks to Barb Stanton, President of the League Of California Cities Women’s Caucus. The League of California Cities brings California city officials together to share resources on policy decisions that affect cities. And we hear about the Women’s Caucus role in making sure that policies that affect women’s daily lives are front and center on the organization’s advocacy agenda.
AND … how can a bookmobile be a revolutionary vehicle? We talk to scholar and author Alexis Pauline Gumbs about the project to create a Black Feminist Bookmobile – filled with collections of books from visionaries, with the dream to transform any space into a reading room connected to generations of Black feminist brilliance.
All this on Tuesday at 3 on KPFK 90.7 FM.  THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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