FM Sept 5: DACA / Journey Out / Women of Color Voters

This week on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen : FIRST  … Dr. Stephany Powell, Executive Director of Journey Out talks to Cherise Charleswell about their work leading the fight to combat domestic and transitional sex trafficking and Journey Out’s upcoming Annual Walk for Freedom & Community Awareness Festival.
THEN  #HereToStay – We talk to Ilse Escobar, a community organizer at United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) about today’s Justice Department announcement about the fate of 800,000 DACA recipients.
… Don’t take women of color voters for granted! We hear all about it from Rewire’s podcast The Breach. Reproductive justice advocate and NARAL Missouri board member Pamela Merritt joins host Lindsay Beyerstein to discuss Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chair Ben Ray Luján’s recent comment that the DCCC has no “litmus test” on abortion. Merritt explains why it’s impossible to achieve economic justice without addressing reproductive justice, and that Democrats risk alienating their most loyal supporters – women of color. To win a crucial majority in the House of Representatives in 2018, Dems can’t afford to throw their base under the bus one more time. And she explains how they could listen to that base and elevate its concerns as part of a “50 plus one” strategy for victory.
All this on Feminist Magazine on KFPK at 2.  This is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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