FM Aug 15: Charlottesville/Women’s Hunger/Palestine Steadfastness/Opposition

This week on Feminist Magazine with Lynn Harris Ballen and Kiyana Williams : FIRST … The white supremacist hatred in Charlottesville VA this past weekend has been there all along, but the sudden public outrage at the events highlights over a century of mis-education about history, and the depth of structural racism beyond the proxy battle over confederate symbols and monuments. We’re joined by Bree Newsome – who famously brought down the confederate flag above the South Carolina statehouse – to discuss how this can be a moment to confront the legacy of slavery and segregation that underlies policy and social structures right now.
AND … We hear from activists Rabbi Robin Podolsky & Shay Roman about the upcoming “Stories of Steadfastness” event. Sumud (Steadfastness) Freedom Camp was created by more than 300 diaspora Jews, Palestinians and Israelis as a safe, unarmed space in the heart of the occupied West Bank – to build community and to return displaced Palestinian families to their homes. Three Jewish women from L.A. will share stories of their journey to Sumud, in an evening of personal narrative from the Women’s Center for Creative Work and Eastside Jews.
THEN … Hunger is a specter in the lives of far too many Americans – especially women, who are 35% more likely to live in poverty … Michelle Stuffmann from MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger tells us about their upcoming evening of art and advocacy, co-hosted with the National Council of Jewish Women|Los Angeles – to explore the issue, and what we can all do to help alleviate the crisis.
PLUS … Karina Elias speaks with Juliann McCandless about her upcoming book “Opposition, Conversations With Creative Women in a Trump Presidency”. Women and Femmes are using their influence as taste makers and activism in groundbreaking ways. We learn all about the book and the Opposition fundraiser coming up on August 24th.
All this on Tuesday at 2 on KPFK. What Feminism Sounds Like!


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