FM June 20: Cosby Injustice / Punk Feminists / Queering Family

THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine – with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen and Karina Elias : FIRST … Rape culture is alive and well, and the recent news of a hung jury mistrial for Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault of Andrea Constand has been called an ‘injustice for all women”. Despite almost sixty accusers coming forward – issues of statutes of limitations on rape prosecution, victim blaming and Cosby’s celebrity power all led to this mistrial. We hear from Cosby assault survivor Lili Bernard and Professor Caroline Heldman about the long road to this point, their experiences at the trial and the backlash Cosby’s victims are dealing with, and what comes next.
THEN … Why are the women always groupies, roadies, singing girl-group femmes or facilitators to the guys? VENUS FLYTRAP! is a scripted webseries about a band of female punk rockers, ready to grab rock and roll by the balls in the land of Trumpistan. With vibrant characters – and guest appearances by both current and punk/no wave artists and bands – the VFT series aims to disrupt the entertainment status quo with their own unique brand of comedy, anarchy, music and irreverence.  We hear from series creator Adele Bertei about the series and their plans to show the world how women have always held a crucial space within rock’s freedom cry, and still do today.
AND … “Family values” have been co-opted by right-wing folks. But wait – Feminists have strong values, and we have strong families, too. And for a lot of queer folks, the traditional concept of family is wrought with complicated feelings—a lot of blood families refuse to accept or celebrate queerness, so LGBTQ people have in many ways redefined “family” for themselves and which “family values” they try to live by and teach. Bitch Media’s Popaganda talks queering family values with writer Yasmin Nair, about the systemic structure of “family”, marriage, and how our ideas of family shape our ideas of the world.
All this on Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 2:00 PT –  on KPFK 90.7 FM.
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