FM March 21 - Animal Museum / Get Lit Poets / Say Her Name

3-21-17-collageTHIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine - with co-hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Kiyana Turner : FIRST … contributor Lucretia Tye Jasmine talks with two activists about how veganism is feminist activism at every meal, serving up resistance to Trump. Carol J. Adams - who wrote: “To talk about veganism is to threaten the pillars of patriarchy” - is the author of several books about the sexual politics of meat . Carolyn Mullin is the founder and Executive Director of The Animal Museum - an LA space showcasing animal protection issues, animal studies and humane education. They discuss ecofeminism, the long-term personal and political empowerment of plant-based eating, and social change through the arts and language.
THEN … We hear a powerful piece from the poets of Get Lit - Words Ignite. Part of a new weekly video series from Get Lit - words to make you think. This week 8 poem is written and performed by Jazmine Williams - addressing Trump’s Budget Cuts: the NEA, Sesame Street and Civil Rights.
AND … Museums around LA are raising up the names and voices of black women and girls. We talk about the Hammer Museum’s upcoming Bureau of Feminism event - Say Her Name: An Evening of Arts and Action‘ - with curator Abby Dobson, artist-in-residence at the African American Policy Forum.  And we hear from Naima J. Keith of the California African American Museum - about their recent #BlackGirlsMatter event - remembering that more than twenty-five years after Latasha Harlins, a fifteen-year-old African American girl, was shot just days after the beating of Rodney King by the LAPD - the fate of black girls’ lives still remains largely ignored.

All this on Feminist Magazine on KPFK - at 2pm this week. WHAT FEMINISM SOUNDS LIKE!

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