FM March 14: Hollaback! LA / Seeds of Resistance / Charlotte Fontaine

ff1THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine – with co-hosts Karina Elias and Kiyana Williams:  FIRST …Street harassment is much more than menacing “hellos” and wolf whistles. Genevieve Berrick and Mirabelle of Hollaback! LA join us to discuss street harassment in all of its forms and how people are using storytelling as a way to fight back. Find out how you can join the movement.

AND The spiritual artivist women of color collective Seeds of Resistance is celebrating 6 years of art and activism with their anniversary show this Saturday, March 18. Cat Mendez joins us to tell us about the amazing artists performing, the recipient of the Woman Warrior Award and everything else we can expect from the show.

PLUS … Karina Elias talks to Charlotte Fontaine, lead singer of The Fontaines about why she got into music and her thoughts on the future of women in bands amid the current political climate. Learn how women in music are persevering and resisting misogyny in the music industry.

All this on Feminist Magazine on KPFK – at 2pm this week. WHAT FEMINISM SOUNDS LIKE!

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