FM Feb 28: MujeresdeMaiz 20th / #IWD17 / WomensMarch DVD

2-29-collageTHIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine – with co-hosts Lynn Harris Ballen and Karina Elias :  FIRST … You can’t describe the herstory of Mujeres de Maiz – the grassroots, multimedia women’s activist/ARTivist organization – in just a few words.   It’s an art collective, a networking/support circle of Xicana/Women of Color & QTPOC cultural activists and healers.  And this East LA based group is marking their 20th Anniversary with a retrospective exhibition – “Mujeres de Maiz: 20 Years of Artivism and Herstory en LA” – that opens on Sat. March 4th. Plus they’re celebrating with another amazing ARTIVIST filled live art show XINGONX Festival that evening. We hear about their entire two month program of anniversary events, from co-founder Felicia Montes and curator Ana Guajardo.
AND … 2017 is a big year for women marching, and the International Women’s Day March and Rally in LA– organized by AF3IRM – is convened and led by transnational/women of color.  Their third annual march is coming up on Sunday March 5th. We hear from AF3IRM organizers Ivy Quicho and Myra Duran, about the roots of their intersectional feminist organizing work – activism to make systemic change beyond the ballot box and election cycles – and how it informs the coalition building and politics of their IWD marches every year.
PLUS … get yourself a piece of herstory! We’re offering a Double-DVD set of Democracy Now coverage of the 1/21/17 Women’s March on Washington as a Thank You gift for supporters of our program. Even most marchers who were actually there didn’t get to hear or see the entire rally! Donate $100 to support Feminist Magazine on KPFK and get your own copy of the full 5-hour presentation: with speakers including Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Alicia Keyes, America Ferrera, Madonna, Michael Moore… Plus performers like Janelle Monae and Ashley Judd and so many others … addressing a crowd that dwarfed the previous day’s inauguration crowd … and started a new movement wave of Resistance.
All this on Feminist Magazine on KPFK – at 2pm this week.

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