FM Aug 9: Prison Suicides / We Won’t Wait! /Guardian Princesses

8-9-16-collageComing up on Feminist Magazine this week, with hosts Karina Elias and Lynn Harris Ballen :
… FIRST … We hear from Colby Lenz of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and family members, about their demand to end to the epidemic of deaths and attempted suicides at California Institution for Women in Corona. In 2015, the suicide rate at CIW was more than eight times the national rate for women’s prisons, and recent stories – like Erika Rocha, found hanging in her cell after 21 years of incarceration, and Shaylene Graves, a 27 year old Black woman who died just six weeks away from her release – highlight how factors like Overcrowding, Solitary Confinement, Mental Health Neglect, Abusive Suicide Watch contributed. And how the criminal legal system intimidates, coerces and traps people, especially low-income youth of color.
… AND … In the middle of presidential election fever … organizations like the National Domestic Workers Alliance and their allies in We Won’t Wait are elevating the voices of women of color, low-income women, immigrant, LGBT, and young women to call for a policy agenda that promotes economic security … so that their communities that both survive AND thrive.   And to educate & mobilize voting, and hold elected officials accountable – reminding us that “Women’s issues” are much broader than reproductive rights and equal pay, they also include paid sick leave, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, gun violence, access to health care & more. We Won’t Wait‘s kitchen table discussions will take place in communities across the country, and at their upcoming national summit in September– an historic gathering of over 1,000 community leaders & organizers. We hear all about it from Alicia Garza, NDWA Special Projects Director and co-creator of the Black Lives Matter network.
… PLUS … Who are the Guardian Princesses? They’re the heroines of a new book series – with stories that transform the cultural meaning of the princesses into inspiring leaders who take action to protect the people and the planet. Diverse princesses model compassion and intelligence, the power of knowledge and collective action. We talk to creators Setsu Shigematsu and Lillian Mehler about how the books shift away from a focus on external beauty and promote a healthy self-esteem based on the development of children’s talents, knowledge about the world and taking action to help others.
All this on TUESDAY at 3.  THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

Read CCWP full statement & demands:
Join CCWP in donating to help Erika’s family pay for funeral services:
Support CA ballot initiative to eliminate DA power to try youth as adults

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