FM Dec 1: War on Planned Parenthood/ Global millennials / Ten Days in a Madhouse

12-1-collageComing up this week on Feminist Magazine with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen and Karina Elias :   Last Friday, a gunman entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire, killing three and wounding nine. And now that the identities of the two civilians killed have been released, it’s now clear that both victims – 35-year-old Jennifer Markovsky and 29-year-old Ke’Arre Stewart – were people of color. Friday’s shooting focuses attention on those who are most affected by the war on reproductive rights – and how it  intersects with race and class.
… We talk to Jollene Levid, national chair of AF3IRM & Gabriella Valle, Sr. Director of Community at California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, about the issues here that the mainstream media is ignoring, and how the Right’s war to close the doors of Planned Parenthood is a war on low-income women of color.
… AND … in a feature from ‘Dare to Use the F-Word’, we hear from millennial feminists active in different areas of the globe. Voices include youth mentor Mary Mwende from Kenya, peace activist Meena Sharma from Nepal, and women’s rights activist Nini Chanturia from Georgia.
… PLUS … we speak with the star of  Ten Days in a Madhouse, Caroline Barry. We learn the true story of  23 year old journalist Nellie Bly.  While working for Joseph Pulitzer in 1887, she feigned insanity to go undercover at the notorious Blackwell’s Island Woman’s Insane Asylum to expose corruption, abuse and murder. We hear how her reporting helped changed mental health treatment in the US, and about her lifetime career of brave reporting that the movie brings to life.
All this this week on Tuesday at 3 – What Feminism Sounds Like!

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