FM Sept 8: turning Ally into a verb/ marinashutup/ Claudia Rankine’s play “Citizen”


With this week’s hosts Ariana Manov and Sese Abejon : This will get your brain cells firing! Our focus is the “toxic topic” of racism and how eradicating it is an “inside job!”
We’re bringing you “Witnessing Whiteness: The Need To Talk About Race and How To Do It “ with feminist anti-racist activist Shelly Tochluk. She unravels some knots and describes how to work within white communities to turn the word “ally” into a verb.
THEN … “Full-time sass machine” and feminist vlogger Marina Watanabe from Feminist Fridays on Everyday Feminism gives us her take on “How To Be An Ally To Black Movements”.
AND … we’re bringing you Claudia Rankine‘s meditation on race. “Citizen: An American Lyric” is a provocative new stage adaptation of her internationally acclaimed book of poetry about everyday acts of racism in America. Director Shirley Jo Finney weighs in and then Nikki Crawford and Monnae Michaell perform live in studio. AND we’ll do a ticket giveaway.
PLUS we’re bringing you music by Adrienne Brown and Rockz Solid and Annie Mae.

Tuesday at 3, THIS is what feminism sounds like.

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