FM Sept 22: Vegan Feminism / Farmworker Families


THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with your hosts Cherise Charleswell and Valecia Phillips :
We start off with Cherise talking with activist scholar, vegan and writer Professor Corey Wrenn. She’s the creator of The Academic Abolitionist Vegan” project and founder of the “Vegan Feminist Network”. She’ll be discussing her forthcoming book, ‘A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory’; as well as how veganism and the non-human rights movement falls into the scope of a feminist framework.
THEN … we feature a piece from Making Contact’s Women Rising Radio on the activism of Dr. Ann Aurelia Lopez as she shows us the reality of farmer workers’ lives in the US and Mexico.  Dr. Lopez founded the Center for Farmworker Families in Watsonville, California.
Hear about all this and more, on Tuesday at 3 – THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!

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