FM Sept 15: Guatemalan Hiphop / AlterNative Wellness / Street Vendors

Coming up this week on Feminist Magazine with your hosts Fe Montes & Karina Elias : We start with an interview with Guatemalan Hip hop artivist, actress, and sociologist, Rebeca Lane who speaks to us about her upcoming U.S. tour in collaboration with transnational women’s organization Justice for My Sister.
AND … we have an organizer of this weekend’s AlterNative Wellness Day, Alicia Vargas. Inspired by free clinics in the Bay area and NY, this inaugural gathering of healers and wellness practitioners is geared towards non-activists and community members in the East LA Area, bringing access to culturally focused and traditional methods of healing for underserved communities of color.
THEN … we discuss the LA Street Vendor Struggle w/ 2nd generation vendor, Mari Gonzalez and President of East LA Community Corp. Isela Gracian. They’ll share facts and personal stories of women vendors and more about the current fight in LA City Hall.
All this and more On Tuesday at 3 – THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!

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