FM Sept 1: Detained Immigrant Women/ Hillary Feminism/ Artists Print

THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with your hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Karina Elias : In the past year alone, horrendous stories have emerged from the Karnes, Texas jail for undocumented immigrants.   Detained women have been smuggling out letters about conditions inside. And two organizations, End Family Detention and CultureStrike have partnered for a powerful new project “Visions From Inside,” bringing those detainee letters to life through the work of 15 artists.
We hear from Chicana multimedia activist Iris Rodriguez, of End Family Detention, and Yahaira Carrillo, formerly of CultureStrike.
… THEN The Women’s Center for Creative Work(WCCW) is a network of rad women engaged in conversations about creative practices and feminisms of all kinds. Their shared workspace for female-identifying creatives – in Elysian Park on the LA River – is where community members can get their work done in a supportive environment.
And next step for WCCW is creating a print lab space for artists and writers, with an upcoming residency program starting this fall with writer and zine-maker Allison Conner. We’re joined in studio by Allison, and Kate Johnston, WCCW Creative Director, to hear all about it.
… AND Does Hillary Clinton’s ‘brand’ of feminism speak for you? Jamia WilsonWomen Action & Media ED, and student Jazmin Martinez were invited to write about this recently in the New York Times opinion pages.  And they join us to talk about their responses: how next-generation advocates for gender justice care about multiple issues, why candidates seeking support from young feminists need to embrace intersectional feminism, and what that could look like in action.

All this on Tuesday at 3.  THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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