FM July 14: Underground girls of Kabul/”bacha posh”/Syrian women/rebellion/resistance

This week on Feminist Magazine, Hosted by Ariana Manov & Sese Abejon : Birthed into the far extremes of patriarchy, “The Underground Girls of Kabul” form a hidden resistance in Afghanistan. Award-winning international journalist Jenny Nordberg offers an intriguingly nuanced and complex report on “bacha posh” — girls secretly raised as boys. Describing their ingenuity, cultural defiance, victimization and survival, Jenny explores the ramifications of infiltrating the world of men only to be forced back into “womanhood”.
And … we’re talking about Syrian women in rebellion with Ghada Mukdad – a member of the Syrian Civil Coalition, Building Peace Committee.  Prevented by the civil war and the Syrian regime from returning to Syria, Ghada has been in exile in the U.S. since June 2012.  In 2007 she ran as an independent candidate for parliament in Syria. Her platform addressed issues concerning women, children, poverty, and the disabled and called for peaceful coexistence and an end to sectarian violence and religious intolerance. Her efforts to establish non-profit organizations for poverty alleviation and empowerment of women, and an association for the disabled, were thwarted by the Syrian regime.
Both Jenny Nordberg and Ghada Mukdad bring us thoughtful and strategic possibilities for peace in the face of the impossibilities of war.
Tuesday at 3:00, THIS is what feminism sounds like!


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