FM March 24: Muslim Women / Women’s History Month / Anais Nin

This week on Feminist Magazine, with hosts Ariana Manov & Sese Abejon : We’re beginning with a feminist explanation of the appeal of ISIS to their female recruits; THEN… we’re joined by Professor Karima Bennoune the author of “Your Fatwa Doesn’t Apply Here” in a segment produced and hosted by Cherise Charleswell –we will hear about feminism and activism in Muslim countries.  And how Muslim women are organizing themselves in defense, making history right now as bombs drop over Damascus.
AND … changing gears only a little — — While bombs are blowing up Syria –Aren’t we effing done with singling out a “Women’s History Month” here at home? Martha Wheelock says an emphatic “No” and says why.  Telling us all about the National Women’s History Project writing women back into history.
PLUS … from the Pacifica Radio Archives, we’ll seduce you with the sensational life of Bohemian author Anais Nin.
Tuesday afternoon at 3:00, This is what feminism sounds like!


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