FM March 10: Mujeres de Maiz & BinderCon

On this week’s Feminist Magazine with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Felicia Montes: You can’t describe Mujeres de Maiz – the grassroots, multimedia women’s activist organization – in just a few words. An art collective, a networking/support circle of Xicana and Women of Color cultural activists and artists … Based in East Los Angeles, since 1997, their mission is to bring together and empower women of diverse ages, cultures and sexualities by creating community spaces that provide holistic wellness through education, mentorship, art exhibition & programming, and publishing.  Lynn talks to co-founders Felicia Montes, Cristina Gorocica and Lilia Ramirez, and second generation member Textli Gallegos about the herstory and ongoing work of MdM as they celebrate their 18th anniversary. And we hear about the Season of Intercultural, Interdisciplinary, Tranformational & Holistic Artivist Happenings they have planned to honor Womyn in Mind, Body & Spirit. Programming is collaboration with various collectives & organizations across the Eastside to commemorate Womyn’s Herstory Month, Spring Equinox and Mexica New Year.
AND… you may remember Mitt Romney and his comment about ‘binders full of women’ during 2012 presidential debates? Well we’re going to be talking to Leigh Stein and Lux Alptraum, co-founders of Out of The Binders, a symposium to empower women and gender non-conforming writers with tools, connections, and strategies to get their voices heard. And increase the diversity of voices in the media and literary arts. We’ll hear about how they created this conference to get women out of those binders, and all about the first west coast conference BinderCon 2015, coming up later this month.
Tuesday at 3:00 on on Feminist Magazine, this is what feminism sounds like!

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