FM Jan 6: FUTURE FEMINISM(S) – PopCulture/ Solidarity/ SciFi

This month we’re starting off the new year with a look at FUTURE FEMINISM(S). . Our January programs feature a wide range of guests, giving us their take on what’s next for all kinds of feminism, how we can frame our feminist activism in the long term, and what they hope for in 2015!

COMING UP this week with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Teka-Lark Fleming:
FIRST…. Suddenly it seems that feminism is hot, trendy, a Thing. And now that we’re at a moment when feminism is literally trending on Twitter, Bitch Magazine founder Andi Zeisler asks : is it possible to make a political movement palatable on a mass scale without dumbing it down? Has feminism’s pop-culture cachet doomed the movement? Andi joins us to talk about how (despite every signal boost for feminism, every go-girl tweet from Lena Dunham or Miley Cyrus, every feel-good Upworthy video, every nod to “leaning in”) the beliefs behind feminism are still among the most contested in political and social life. And how, over the years that she’s worked on reframing pop culture through a feminist lens, she’s come to realize that mainstream acceptance is not the main goal but just one of the activist tools in what we need to do as a collective social movement.
THEN… The Washington Post recently asked ‘What leading feminists want to accomplish this year’. And, one of those leading activists – Mikki Kendall, co-editor of & creator of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag – joins us. To tell us more about her specific goal to “see a mass realization that police brutality is a feminist issue and for mainstream feminist organizations to help change those policies.”
AND… looking at a different kind of future feminism… poet, writer, and science fiction scholar Walidah Imarisha tells us what social justice activists can learn from science fiction. In this conversation with Sarah Mirk from Popaganda, the Bitch Magazine podcast, she discusses the upcoming Visionary Fiction anthology ‘Octavia’s Brood’ and what the real world can learn from the work of Octavia Butler.

ALL THIS on this week’s Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 3. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!


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