FM Jan 27: FUTURE FEMINISM(S) – AF3IRM creating change & Radical Brownies

On this week’s Feminist Magazine with hosts Felicia Montes & Danielle Roderick :  FIRST … We’re talking about a whole bunch of different kinds of Future Feminism(s) this month, & today we want our listeners to hear about the deeply-rooted & living feminist activism of AF3IRM
AF3IRM is The Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization – it’s a national organization of women engaged in transnational feminist, anti-imperialist activism.  We’ll hear all about what AF3IRM is planning to create this year – including an International Women’s Day March & Rally on March 8 .  Host Lynn Harris Ballen talks to four amazing members…. Jollene Levid, Barbra Ramos, Ivy Quicho and Myra Duran.

AND … we talk with the fierce young girls of the RADICAL BROWNIES, an Oakland based troupe of young girls of color ages 8 to 11 who learn about social justice and celebrate their cultural backgrounds amidst earning badges for their community based activism. We’ll talk with co-founder & mother Anayvette Martinez, and members Coatlupe Martinez and Namixtu’lu Esteva about how the group empowers young girls of color to step into their collective power, and leadership to make the world a more radical place. Find out what badges they’ve earned, next steps, and importance of this type of space and programming.

Tuesday at 3:00 on on Feminist Magazine, this is what feminism sounds like!

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