FM Nov 11: Yoga&BodyImage / Step Up / Repro Pop Culture

THIS WEEK with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Teka Lark Fleming :  … WHAT DO YOU picture when you think about Yoga? We’re talking about a new anthology called Yoga and Body Image.  A collection of 25 personal stories about yoga as a tool for radical body love, that critically challenges the stereotype of the young, white skinny spandex-clad models we usually see on the covers of yoga magazines.  Calling on the yoga community to embrace diversity of all kinds, and all kinds of bodies and abilities.
We hear all about it from editors Melanie Klein and Anna Guest-Jelley, and contributor Chelsea Jackson

THEN Cherise Charleswell talks to Jamie Kogan, Managing Director of Step Up Women’s Network, getting her take on why and how women should improve their networking skills. And we hear about Step Up’s programs in action – mentoring high school girls from under-resourced communities and helping them to be strong, resilient teenagers who can fulfil their dreams of ending the cycle of poverty for their families, often by becoming the first in their family to attend college. The program empowers these girls to fulfill their potential to become confident and college-bound.

AND … What messages are pop songs sending about reproductive health issues? One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime, yet accurate portrayals of real people’s stories are rare in pop culture. Jasmin Lopez interviews Alicia Walters, Movement Building Director at Forward Together and Samara Azam-Yu, Executive Director at ACCESS Women’s Health Justice – two reproductive justice advocates – as they listen and give us their take on two songs: Nick Cannon’s ‘Can I Live?’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Autobiography’.
This story is part of a joint reporting project on reproductive rights in pop culture that includes Bitch Media, Feministing, and Making Contact. This work is part of a Media Consortium collaboration made possible in part by a grant from the Voqal Fund. (connect with Making Contact via Facebook & Twitter)

All this and more on Tuesday at 3. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!

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