FM Sept 9: feminist porn & a political poetry fest

This week on Feminist Magazine, with your hosts Ariana Manov, Sese Abejon and Abeni Moreno : “Hello, Feminist Porn!” Untangling the variations and complexities of human experience, including sexual subcultures, enriches us all.   So –we’re sharing some excerpts from fascinating interviews from a Bitch Media Popaganda Podcast. We’ll hear from porn producer and performer Jiz Lee about talking with her family (oh yeah!) and journalist Lynsey G talks about sex workers’ labor issues and about financing ethical feminist porn.

Then, we’re switching to poetry from the new international anthology “With Our Eyes Wide Open: Poems of the New American Century”. Collectively, they describe the impact of war on us all, particularly the so-called “nobodies,”—the outcasts, immigrants, and the working class. Teresa Mei Chuc, who was born in Saigon, writes poems that often describe the long-lasting effects of war on the Vietnamese land and people. She’ll be joined by feminist Julia Stein whose fifth book of poetry “What Were They Like? ” describes the lives of women in Iraq and the U.S. These poets make connections some of the rest of us miss.

All this on Tuesday at 3 pm PST — THIS is what feminism sounds like!


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