FM Sept 30: Eco-Feminism in Action! grassroots to global

What does Putting Eco Feminism into Action look like?
We hear from grassroots & local activists and Eco-educators… from transnational eco-feminists and about the work of indigenous women, and connecting the dots at the recent People’s Climate March …
FIRST … we’re joined by a group of local grassroots activists:  eco-educator Sammy Lyon – Environmental Service Learning Coordinator at Environmental Charter Schools, bringing sustainability education into classrooms … Viviana Franco, ED of From Lot To Spot – improving blighted L.A. urban neighborhoods by creating greenspaces, one vacant lot at a time … and Communities for a Better Environment youth organizer Angee Zavala, with student activist Maya Herrera – two young women from Huntington Park in Southeast L.A. working for environmental justice in their communities, to bring clean water, air and soil to their families and friends.
ANDLori Baralt – Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Cal State Long Beach – brings us her insights from teaching students an intersectional approach that reveals connections between social inequalities and environmental problems
THEN … we take environmental justice coverage international: First we hear from activist Jollene Levid of AF3IRM (Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-Feudalization, & Marginalization) about transnational ecofeminism and how that connects to her social justice practice and post-disaster work in the Philippines.  And we talk to Maia Balam of Rescate Madre Amerikua, a multimedia network that features eco-activists and indigenous nations across the continent. We hear about the the current struggle of the Huichol people of Mexico and their fight against Canadian mining companies to save their sacred land, as well as the new documentary coming to Los Angeles in December
PLUS … we hear indigenous voices from Idle No More at The People’s Climate March in NYC.
All this on Tuesday at 3pm. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!


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