June 10 on FM: “Killing Columbus”/ 51 Shocking Facts/ Radical media action/ Taliban Resistance/ Sacred Lesbian bars

Hosted by Ariana Manov/Sese Abejon/Primrose Villena : Coming up on “Feminist Magazine” … Denise Uyehara “Hot Flashes” on “Killing Columbus” from her performance art perspective; plus “51-pretty-shocking-facts-that-make-things-harder-for-every-woman-you-have-ever-met” from vlogger and sex educator Laci Green.
ThenSoraya Chemaly translates feminist politics into radical media action. She’s a writer and media critic whose work focuses on women’s rights and the role of gender in politics, religion and popular culture.
And, daring to educate girls in Kabul, Afghanistan, grassroots activist Shabana Basij-Rasikh stands up to the Taliban and establishes a women’s college.
Plus …  And Professor Marie Cartier —- visual /performance artist, queer activist, poet, and theologian — argues in her new book, “Baby You Are My Religion”, that American butch-femme bar culture of the mid-20th Century should be interpreted as a sacred space for its community.

Tuesday afternoon at 3:00, this is what feminism sounds like!



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