April 29 on FM: Open Source Feminism?/Girls Rock/Kate Durbin

Hosted by Valecia Phillips & Danielle Roderick with Abeni Moreno : … We’ll be talking about “Open Source Feminism” with a segment produced by Bitch Media. The internet is powered by open source technology—exciting software that’s built collaboratively from the bottom-up. But if open source technology is meant to be free and equal, why do men continue to dominate sites like Wikipedia? Bitch Media investigates with the help of data architect Selena Deckelmann, English professor Dr. Ximena Gallardo, and a nationwide “feminist intervention” into Wikipedia.
Always wanted to pick up a guitar and rock out? Well it’s not too late! Rock N Roll Camp for Girls Orange County is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering female-identified individuals through the art of music! Abeni Moreno has the scoop on how girls and women can participate in an upbeat, collaborative environment that encourages you to rock out hard! Tune in to hear Rock N Roll volunteers, Candace Handson and Stephanie Caronna in an in-depth interview about their organization and other community-based work!
As we wrap up National Poetry Month, we’ll be joined live in the studio by writer, transmedia artist and author of E! Entertainment, Kate Durbin, talking about “literary television,” feminist poetics and narratives of women in private and public space.

All this and more this week on Feminist Magazine, 3PM on Tuesday. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!


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