March 4 on FM: Mujeres de Maiz/ Black Women in Civil Rights/“Closely Related Keys”

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Sese Abejon, Valecia Phillips & Cherise Charleswell.
Our new feature “Hot Flashes” goes live & Dr. Mignon Moore joins us with her analysis of the latest news headlines!
Then… like the many colors of corn, Mujeres de Maiz is a diverse grassroots network of ARTivist wombyn of color, who use the empowering creative spirit of their art as a global educational tool for resistance, healing and change. Felicia Montes, Iris De Anda and Marisa Ronstadt “represent” their celebration of “Ofrendas of the Flesh”, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.
And.. Black women are marginalized between the Civil Rights, Black Nationalism, and Feminist movements. Their experiences with racism and discrimination in the feminist movement, as well as experiences with sexism and abject misogyny within the Black liberation movements, are often unknown. Nevline Nnaji, documentary producer and director of “Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights”, hears their voices. And now so do we.
Plus… An up-and-coming corporate attorney’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble when she learns she has a half-sister – a Muslim who has fled Iraq. Playwright Wendy Graf says her new play “Closely Related Keys” is “about love and loyalty, secrets and lies, and how the past, never being dead, just hovers around waiting to smack us upside the head.”
On Tuesday afternoon at 3.  This is what Feminism sounds like!



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