March 11 on FM:Transforming Violence| Wonder Women| Fadia Mosri

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Rita Gonzales & Abeni Moreno :
First…What’s the necessary work each one of us must do to co-create a world without violence? How does a “one size fits all” violence prevention model harm all victim-survivors? Aishah Shahidah Simmons is the award-winning Black feminist lesbian filmmaker of ‘NO! The Rape Documentary‘. We talk to her about the imperative to “color” gender and sexuality while we simultaneously “queer” race, to transform rape culture. And hear how her work is inspired by the life & writing of activist lesbian poet Audre Lorde.
Then… the first in our series of local women musicians and their activism! Sonora,Mexico born Fadia Mosri is a singer, songwriter and Latina activist helping to open up opportunities for a promising future for her community. She joins Abeni Moreno to discuss her work supporting the Latino/undocumented community’s struggle to climb the ladder of success in the US. And she tells us about how her work inspires her songwriting and contributes to her unique sound & growing musical success.
Plus… Award-winning herstorian and writer Trina Robbins has been creating comics, graphic novels and books, for over forty years. Her most recent book ‘Pretty in Ink’ is a definitive history of the women who drew comics… starting way back in 1896. And she tells us how her personal collection of the world’s largest collection of original art by early 20th century women cartoonists became the basis of the Toonseum’s exhibit “Wonder Women, On Page and Off”
All this & more, coming up on Tuesday at 3 on Feminist Magazine – This is what Feminism Sounds Like!


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