January 21 on FM: ‘La Loca’ goes corporate/ African voices/ Theater By The Blind

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Valecia Phillips & Abeni Moreno :
“La Loca” Pegine Eschevarria goes corporate with her multi-cultural diversity trainings and mentoring girls. She’s getting us to “Lighten Up and Lead: How To Be Fun, Feisty, Focused and Fearless” –and very feminist.
Then….. African women’s voices and perspectives most often go unheard.   Dr. Azuka Nzegwu brings us JENDA: A Journal of Culture & African Woman Studies about African women blazing a feminist trail.
And with a different kind of vision, we introduce Luz Madrigal from Theater By The Blind. Luz plays the role of a strong-willed sister in Lindsey Nyman’s production of “Sit” — the story of a young blind girl who attempts to find her footing and journey through a world she cannot see.
On Tuesday afternoon at 3, this is what feminism sounds like!


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