Jan 14 on FM : Fast Food Workers, Ad Women & South LA Girls

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Valecia Phillips & Abeni Moreno, with Danielle Roderick  :  Fast food workers are fed up!  And Ms. Magazine’s Fall issue told the stories of women workers fighting for economic survival in the fast food industry. Ms. writer Michelle Chen joins us with an in depth look at what inspired the recent fast food strikes, and how women workers are starting to stand together for a living wage and against the day-to-day hardships and indignities of irregular jobs without benefits, job security or hope.
And, what does it take to make a difference in the lives of middle & high-school young women in South Los Angeles? The Women’s Leadership Project (WLP) is a feminist service learning program at South L.A. high schools like Gardena and Washington Prep High School. Program co-founder Sikivu Hutchinson join us to talk about how the program uses a humanist curriculum with a social justice lens, empowering young women of color to develop their own voices and critically conscious activism, while preparing for college and careers.
We know advertising is sexist, and so is the industry behind it. Christina Knight, Creative Director and author of “Madwomen: A Herstory of Advertising”, talks about the changing role of women in global advertising. With 80% of purchasing decisions made by women, less than 3% of Creative Directors at leading agencies are women. What could change if women were calling the shots when it comes to the advertising that inundates our culture?
All this & more on Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 3pm PST. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!


MUSIC ON TODAY’S SHOW: Luscious Jackson, Amadou & Mariam, Queen Latifah, The Slits

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