Dec 3 on FM: a Bipolar Life, Feminist Nuns & WOC Media Literacy

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Valecia Phillips & Abeni Moreno : We talk to Melody Moezzi, author of “HALDOL AND HYACINTHS: A Bipolar Life“. With candor and humor, Melody Moezzi — a manic-depressive Iranian-American Muslim Woman — chronicles her experiences with both clinical and cultural bi-polarity. (And she’s sooo much more: an attorney, a writer, a U.N. expert and a mental health advocate too.)

Then, we’ll get a very feminist take on the new Pope, his recent grand statement and the shape-shifting role of women in the church. Avowedly feminist Catholic nuns Jo’Ann De Quattro from the Sisters of the Holy Names, and France White from the Society of the Holy Child (SHJC) join us in studio.

And we’re focusing on media literacy and activism by women of color. Dr. Cherise Charleswell talks with Nuala Cabral, the Co-Founder of the Philadelphia-based organization FAAN Mail ( Fostering Activism And Alternatives Now!) and educator Mari Morales Williams – about creative imagery and messaging.

On Tuesday afternoon at 3 —this is what feminism sounds like!


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