Nov 26 on FM: Funding the War on Women, Guerrilla Feminism & Climbing Poetree

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Valecia Phillips and Abeni Moreno :  Who’s secretly funding the War on Women? RH Reality Check’s Washington Correspondent Adele Stan tells us how she connected the dots and followed the money trail to find out who’s really funding all these efforts to chip away at rights that affect women’s lives in very real ways. We hear how the billionaire industrialist Koch Brothers are behind the scenes in this fight, why they fund radical anti choice policies, and how we can combat the ongoing War that’s rolling back reproductive rights.

The largest intersectional feminist page on Facebook, Guerrilla Feminism is a feminist space aiming to create an online dialogue between various communities about women’s and gender issues. We talk to founder Lachrista Greco about why rigorous dialog matters, preaching to the choir and what’s next for digital feminist action.

And… How can art be a weapon? Alixa and Naima are two poets who together make up Climbing PoeTree, an award winning performance duo. Mixing poetry and politics they seek to use their words to educate and inspire. In this interview from Making Contact hosts Salima Hamirani and George Lavender, hear performances by Climbing PoeTree and how they travel the globe on a mission to overcome destruction with creativity.

All this and more on Tuesday at 3.  THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!


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