Sept 24 on FM: XXX-rated sex activism, Syrian women in peace and rebellion

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Valecia Phillips & Abeni Moreno:

XXX-rated sex activist, educator, and feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino gets down with Feminist Magazine, introducing her new anthology The Feminist Porn Book. Can porn be feminist? Says who? What does it mean to be “sexual rabble” and part of an emerging movement of gender and sexual visionaries, working at the radical inclusive and egaliatarian edges of sexual representation?

We’re also talking Syria about women in rebellion.

Ghada Mukdad is a US-based representative of the Syrian Women’s Forum For Peace. Prevented by the civil war and the Syrian regime from returning, she has been in exile in the US since June 2012. In 2007 she ran as an independent candidate for parliament in Syria. Her platform addressed issues concerning women, children, poverty, and the disabled and called for peaceful coexistence and an end to sectarian violence and religious intolerance. Efforts to establish non-profit organizations for poverty alleviation and empowerment of women, and an association for the disabled were thwarted by the Syrian regime.

Tuesday afternoon at 3, with your hosts Ariana Manov, Valecia Phillips  and Abeni Moreno — THIS is what feminism sounds like!



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