Sept 17 on FM: Tech Girls, feminization of deportation,“The Big Feminist BUT”

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen with Abeni Moreno :
L.A. may be the home of the pop-up restaurant, but it recently played host to a pop-up Fellowship: The GOOD Global Neighborhood Challenge. It’s a week-long exchange of ideas between local community activists and five brilliant international innovators working for social change around the globe.
GOOD asked the question: “are you pioneering a neighborhood project that’s so awesome it should be happening everywhere?” And Feminist Magazine met up with one of these awesome pioneers – Ghanaian tech activist Regina Agyare from Soronko Solutions – who shared ideas with local organization Girls in Tech.

It’s so bad that it’s been called the “feminization of deportation”. We’re getting an update on current Immigration Reform Bill S744 from Yolanda Alaniz from Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party. She’ll get specific about demands to decriminalize migrants and protect their human rights.

And we’re exploring “The Big Feminist BUT” (one t). Danielle Roderick laughs it up with editors Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly. Looking at statements like “I’m not a feminist, but” and “I am a feminist, but”, as well as the space in between, their new anthology is a collection of comics taking on hard conversations in feminism. In an approachable, fun and serious way, they’ll describe what comics can bring to the table, the many surprises of the book’s becoming, and how comics and feminism intersect.

On Tuesday afternoon at 3, this is what feminism sounds like!


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