Aug 27 on FM: Veteran Feminists, Chelsea Manning & a CounterCulture Diva

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen & Ariana Manov : Want to be part of history? On Sept 7th in Los Angeles, a one-day conference and awards event will celebrate the Veteran Feminists of America. Honoring the achievements of Second Wave feminists. bridging generations and sharing stories, the conference will feature panel discussions about Women and Media and a chance to meet many of the pioneers of the 60’s & ’70s.   Feminists who marched down Fifth Avenue, founded NOW & NWPC, revolutionized family planning and rocked the halls of education. Conference co-chair Zoe Nicholson joins us, with clips from Jennifer Lee’s film ‘Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation’

Then…Chelsea Manning, the Army whistleblower known to the world up until last week as Bradley Manning, wrote this as part of her statement to the media after sentencing last Thursday: “As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female … I hope that you will support me in this transition.” We hear from local transgender activist Hannah Howard, who helped create Gender Justice LA, about the media & community responses to Chelsea Manning claiming her trans* identity. And what the implications & issues are for her, for the LGBTQ community and for progressives.

And … Dolores De Luce, a four foot nine and a half inch counter culture Diva in six inch heels, screwed, drugged and performed her way through the 60’s to the 80’s and now confesses all – in her deliciously raunchy (and painfully honest) memoir titled “My Life: A Four Letter Word”:  Amidst the scents of broccoli, garlic, marijuana and patchouli oil, her adventures with her gay husbands, her career as a $1.98 beauty queen, the AIDS crisis, and her high octane theater performances. Amidst the gender-bending Cockettes, hooking, single mothering a bi-racial child and her screamingly funny escapades along the waterfronts of San Francisco Bay and Venice Beach –What was she thinking? And has she aged out of being a counter culture Diva?

Plus #FemMagReads with Megan Ward and Danielle Roderick – the twosome give us their take on this month’s book by Rebecca Solnit.
All this on Tuesday at 3pm on Feminist Magazine. THIS is what Feminism sounds like!



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