FM July 2: Grace Lee Boggs, Daily Organics & ‘Reach for the Stars’

Hosted by: Lynn Harris Ballen, Ariana Manov & Sammy Lyon : The doc film “American Revolutionary | The evolution of Grace Lee Boggs” premiered in LA recently. It follows the life journey of legendary activist and author Grace Lee Boggs & her work in the civil rights, Black Power, labor, environmental justice, and feminist movements over the past seven decades.
Director, Grace Lee, joins us live in-studio to talk about her personal passion in making the film. And local activist Jollene Levid of AF3IRM co-hosts – inspired by Grace Lee Boggs’ writing and radical wisdom!

What do you eat in a food desert? FemMag co-host Sammy Lyon visited Renee Gunter, founder of Daily Organics, at her new pop up market on 29th Street and Cimarron in South LA. Hear how Renee, also known as Miss Renee, is building community around food, and bringing healthy, organic produce to her neighborhood.

When girls see women in science they get big ideas – ideas about how they can break stereotypes and follow their role models to study (and teach) Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) We hear from local filmmakers Renee Sotile and Mary-Jo Godges about their project with the California Science Center to bring their award-winning documentary ‘Reach for the Stars’ – about NASA’s first Teacher in Space, Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger – to schools.

All this & news, music & more on Tuesday at 3pm. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!


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