FM June 18: Angelina Jolie, Plan B & Anal Cube on tour

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Sammy Lyon and Danielle Roderick : What’s missing from the discussion about breast cancer causes, after Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer op-ed in the NYTimes? Teacher and scientist Kristine Mattis challenges us to think about what breast cancer prevention really means in the light of all the media coverage about Jolie’s choice to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.  And writing at,  Mattis takes us back to the early feminist roots of breast cancer activism, environmental causes and more. (see *RESOURCES below the photos)
And what happens when grassroots feminists win big?  Earlier this month a landmark Birth Control Victory was finally won when the Federal government agreed to allow the Morning-After Pill, aka Plan B, to be available over the counter without age or point of sale restrictions. For over ten years, activists with National Women’s Liberation — including the lead plaintiff Annie Tummino — have been waging one of the most important fights in decades to expand access to birth control.  And NWL Steering Committee Member, Dior Vargas, joins us to tell us the details.
And… We hear from Anal Cube – a musical collective of five 20-something women from Oakland, California. A mix of performance art, electronics, ambient noise and post punk, they’ve labelled themselves QTWOC: Queer, Tragic Women of Color. Members Gorgeous Vermillion (Georgie), S.B.S.M. (Rosie, Sep, Laura) and Beast Nest (Sharmi) have been on tour across the United States, stopping in Los Angeles to play a handful of art space and backyard shows. In this interview, they talk to guest contributor Elisa Hough about reinforcing identity and gaining power and confidence through performing music and supporting each other. Hear more live music recordings from their Koreatown show: Adventures in Audio

All this and more on Tuesday at 3pm. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!



*RESOURCES: Two very important women who advocate for prevention in terms of cancer and other ailments and who actively work in the battle against various environmental exposures:
Sandra Steingraber

Home (Recent great interview)
and Devra Davis
Here’s a link to Dr. Samuel Epstein’ website too:

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