FM June 11: Student Journalists & Consent=The Next Sexual Revolution

What do you get when you put a mic in the hands of high schoolers? Feminist radio!

Feminist Magazine went on the road back in March and took radio production to Wildwood School’s Multicultural Symposium, a one day conference for youth exploring intersections of identity. Students in our workshop learned a little about why we need feminist radio, saw how we make it happen at KPFK, and broke up into threes — co-host, interviewee, and sound engineer — to produce their own interviews out in the field! Listen to what these students journalists have to say about feminism.

And then we bring in three students, Camille Pass and Aethena Brooks from Wildwood School and Minerva Solis from Vistamar School, in studio to talk about the Women Empowerment student club, what the Multicultural Symposium means to them, and “the Beyonce factor!”

And, how do you disrupt the silence that surrounds sexual violence… or call attention to images that perpetuate the culture of rape?

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture has some creative answers with their artistic efforts to agitate the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent.

These artists/curators have used all kinds of tactics – from silk-screening pink panties to floating giant poetic messages in the reflecting pool in the National Mall in DC.  And now their latest photo series – ‘This is Consent.’ We hear all about it from two of these Baltimore based artivists  – Rebecca Nagle & Brittney Elizabeth Williams.  And all about their next big plan – The Monument Quilt made of survivors’ stories, that aims to cover the entire lawn on the National Mall, like the historic installations of the AIDS quilt.

THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!



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