FM April 23: Girls take action, Slutwalk panel & Queer survival

‘Hey, Shorty!’ What’s it like for girls dealing with harassment and violence in schools and on the street? If you don’t know about Girls for Gender Equity, you should. GGE is a grassroots organization in New York that aims to help girls develop into psychologically, emotionally and physically strong women. And GGE’s student activists have been busy during April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities. Tune in to catch up and hear all about real interventions, with Joanne Smith and Nefertiti Martin from GGE.

And… Slutwalk L.A. is expanding beyond their annual walk event drawing public attention to rape culture and sexual violence. They want to ask some real questions about Solutions. What solutions can be implemented here in the communities of Los Angeles to prevent rape, sexual assault and victim-blaming? And they’re kicking off the public conversation with a Speaker Panel & Self-Defense Workshop featuring speakers from the Reproductive Justice Coalition of LABlack Women for WellnessIMPACT Personal Safety, the Trans-Latin@ Coalition, the Women’s Studies Department at LMU and more. Slutwalk LA organizer Hayley Dahl joins us in studio to tell us all about it.

And Karen Anzoategui joins us to talk about her autobiographical solo show – Catholic School Daze – the story of a girl forced to attend Catholic high school who discovers not only her non-gender-conforming propensities but also her connection with and love of Christ. Bullied by administrators and schoolmates alike, Karen is forced to make difficult decisions to survive , even if it means becoming a “Catholic chola.”  The performance is followed by a Q&A and “talk back” with the artist on topics such as trauma, religion, spirituality, and the queer community, aiming to reclaim spiritual space for queers and provide resources and informational material.

All this & more on Tuesday at 3pm on Feminist Magazine.  THIS is what Feminism sounds like!


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